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R.Ac & R.TCMP.
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 Extraordinary Friends

A few of our friends have been keeping exceptionally busy with their adventures, never failing to inspire those around them.


Luc Fournier rode his boat shaped bike all the way from the very south point of Florida back to Ottawa.


Luc's Journal 


Seventy-one-year young Ivana Baldelli stood on the roof of Africa.

ivana moutain 

Ivana's Page 


We have so many friends who run Marathons and /or do Ironman Triathlons every year, just to name a few: Beverley Wells, Michel Ouellet, Jules Gagnon, Nancy Morrison, Dina Salvador, Mylene Quesnel and Jennifer Rae-Brown.


It is not that difficult to do exercises for a few days after one's New Year or birthday resolution. We have many friends who have maintained their exercise schedules for decades. In this category, we admire Colleen Cotter, Sue-Ellen and 90 year old Bill Dawson. We also have physically challenged friends who just do what they can to stay healthy.


If you cannot run Marathons, you can walk Marathons. This is what Howard Voight and his wife Patricia have been doing for a few years. They walked races in many locations all over Canada.

Below are their medals:



Dao De Jing

The Tao begets the One

The One consists of Two in opposition

The Two begets the Three

The Three begets all things of the world

All things connote the Yin and the Yang

The Yin and the Yang keep acting upon each other

And thus things keep changing and unifying themselves


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Welcome Jianming Kuang to our vibrant team

JianmingStarting on February 22, 2016, Jianming will take care of our clients on Thursdays and Fridays, maybe some other days as well. As a team, Jianming, Ying Lu and Wei maintain our standard consistent working style, so we can look after each other's clients. In fact, it is beneficial being treated by a different practitioner sometimes. Thank you for your trust in our services. Please see his bio.

What Are You Looking For?

Are you desiring for radiant health, more vitality, stronger immunity, better relaxation and greater happiness?
You are in the very place and here is the way.  Read on:


The Characteristics of TCM

Why is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gaining so much popularity all over the globe? An ever increasing number of jurisdictions recognizes TCM or/and acupuncture as a legitimate health profession. TCM is obviously very different from conventional Western medicine. This system of healing also stands out from many other forms of complimentary and alternative medicine. The following are the shinning points of TCM:

  1. TCM treats the person. A person is obviously much much more than just his/her physical body.  One's symptoms, syndromes and conditions are always secondary to the whole person. Health and healing are one's own responsibility. Changes in attitude, beliefs and life style are crucial to the outcomes of TCM treatments.

  2. TCM strengthens one's positive energy and inherent inner healing (an efficient balanced immune system). Therefore this person won't get sick easily. If so, he/she will quickly recover.

  3. TCM places ultimate importance to prevention, namely preventing problems from happening and preventing problems from transmitting to the next stage. This is why a TCM practitioner actually treats people who are absolutely healthy and treats an area or an organ that is not yet sick.

  4. TCM emphasizes on the connections and interactions of our physical bodies with our spirituality, psychology, as well as our social cultural and familial environment. In TCM, the whole body and its subsystems all have feelings and emotions. These factors are always taken into consideration in consultations and treatments.

  5. TCM aims at removing the roots of the illnesses, which are specific patterns of imbalance and disharmony in an individual. Symptoms, diseases and syndromes are manifestations of the lost equilibrium. A TCM practitioner could give the same treatment to people with different disease, whereas people with the same diseases could receive different TCM treatments. All depends on the original causes.

 In Short, TCM focuses on promoting holistic healing and health and conventional medicine emphasizes on fighting diseases.

The TCMWORKS Difference

We have extensive academic training and we are all TCM doctors from China. We have researched into the history of medicine and various healing traditions. We have a combined clinical experience of over sixty years. We created the most effective TCM healing system – ITT – Integrated TCM Therapies. This is to say that we use more than one TCM techniques in a single session as necessary to maximize the healing power of TCM. The often used TCM therapies are acupuncture, herbology, tuina, moxibustion, cupping, qigong, advices on diet and exercises as well as electric, magnetic or laser stimulation to acupuncture points. The ITT method is to realize individualized treatment strategy and to awaken the natural healing power within you, the client.

At TCMWORKS, we know your name, understand your concerns and needs. We do everything we can to help you. We cannot guarantee that we can cure you, but we certainly treat you well and make you feel better. When you are under our care, you are the most important person.

Director's Salutation

wayHello my friend,
Please just call me Wei. I hope you find the right way to improve your health. I was born from a Chinese medicine family. I have been studying and practising acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) since 1978. I completed a 5 year professional program (1978-83) at Hunan College of TCM in Changsha, China. Then I continued my postgraduate training(1983-86) in TCM with a thesis entitled “A Study on the Inner Developmental Laws of the Basic Theories of TCM.” In 1988, the College appointed me TCM lecturer . I co-authored books and published many articles in TCM journals.

In 1991, I received an M.A. degree in medical history from the University of Ottawa. My mémoire was on medical missionaries and the introduction of modern surgery to China;. In August 2000, I completed a Ph.D. thesis on the history of traditional Chinese medicine in Canada. While pursuing my studies, I maintained my practice because I believe that practice is the core of TCM. This should be true even for TCM scholars and researchers. Otherwise, his (or her) work will have no life. As a healer, scholar and teacher, I shamelessly believe myself to be one of the best TCM practitioners in the Western world. Here is my synopsis:


Motto:  Love and care for my clients wholeheartedly.
Quotation:  "Health is more than wealth, because health is yours.
Date of Birth:  May 28, 1960. Metal Rat/Gemini.
Place of Birth:  Proud Canadian, but made in China, Changsha City of Hunan Province.
Marriage:  Married to Yalan, also a TCM practitioner, since 1986.
Training:  5 year professional training in acupuncture and TCM, followed by 3 year postgraduate training.
Education:  M.B and M.M.Sc. in TCM from China, M.A. and Ph.D. in medical history from Canada.
Languages: Chinese, English and French.
Exercises: Qigong, Taichi, Jugging, Swimming and Weights.
Hobbies: Playing Chinese melodies with Western violin, singing folk songs and web design.
Enjoyment: Serving others, connecting with nature and meditation.