Four Pillars of Health and Longevity!

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4 Reasons for Daily Exercises
Wu Shu

1. Exercises improve your cardiovascular system and your lungs.
2. Exercises make your musculoskeletal system in check.
3. Exercises strengthen your immune system.
4. Exercises relax both your body and mind.

4 Reasons for Good Sleep

1. Sleep recharges & synchronises your nervous system.
2. Sleep relaxes your body for self-healing and repair.
3. Sleep helps maintaining your ideal weight & prevent diseases.
4. Sleep makes you smarter by improving your concentration and memory.

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4 Reasons for Plant Based Diet
Plant based diet

1. Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet is good for our planet and animals.
2. WFPB diet helps to prevent most human diseases.
3. WFPB diet may actually reverse most health conditions including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, some early stage cancers & autoimmune diseases, etc.
4. WFPB diet makes you slim, energetic and sharp.

4 Reasons for De-stress

1. Stress is one of the components in all human diseases and sufferings.
2. Stress makes us tired, depressed, and poor decision making.
3. Stress reduces our immunity, digestion and reproduction.
4. Stress is the opposite of health, longevity and happiness.

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But what's the most important among the four?

• At the end of the day, if you are too tired, didn’t sleep well the previous night and you eat junk food, what’s the point to exercise, simply going to bed early helps the most.
• Like most of us, if you have bad genes in your family, certainly you will have certain diseases at certain age! Enough exercises and sleep are not enough to prevent these from happening. You have to adopt a Whole Food Plant Based nutrition for both preventing and reversing chronic diseases.
• Then, what’s the most important among the four factors? Some healthy centenarians may not even have the longevity genes. They are all different: some live in the city; some in the country; some exercise regularly; some don’t; some eat animal foods; some eat plant based… There is only one thing in common among all the healthy centenarians. Actually it’s not a thing, but a feeling – a feeling of being relaxed, being flexible, being happy and being cared for by family and community.