Why is TCM so Popular?


Why is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gaining so much popularity all over the globe? An ever increasing number of jurisdictions recognizes TCM or/and acupuncture as a legitimate health profession. TCM is obviously very different from conventional Western medicine. This system of healing also stands out from many other forms of complimentary and alternative medicine. The following are the shinning points of TCM:

TCM treats the person. A person is obviously much much more than just his/her physical body. One’s symptoms, syndromes and conditions are always secondary to the whole person. Health and healing are one’s own responsibility. Changes in attitude, beliefs and life style are crucial to the outcomes of TCM treatments.

TCM strengthens one’s positive energy and inherent inner healing (an efficient balanced immune system). Therefore this person won’t get sick easily. If so, he/she will quickly recover.

TCM places ultimate importance to prevention, namely preventing problems from happening and preventing problems from transmitting to the next stage. This is why a TCM practitioner actually treats people who are absolutely healthy and treats an area or an organ that is not yet sick.

TCM emphasizes on the connections and interactions of our physical bodies with our spirituality, psychology, as well as our social cultural and familial environment. In TCM, the whole body and its subsystems all have feelings and emotions. These factors are always taken into consideration in consultations and treatments.

TCM aims at removing the roots of the illnesses, which are specific patterns of imbalance and disharmony in an individual. Symptoms, diseases and syndromes are manifestations of the lost equilibrium. A TCM practitioner could give the same treatment to people with different disease, whereas people with the same diseases could receive different TCM treatments. All depends on the original causes.

In Short, TCM focuses on promoting holistic healing and health (3H) and conventional medicine emphasizes on fighting diseases. This is the Characteristics of TCM, our 3H Spirits.