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A consultation can take up to 20 mins. The purpose of the consultation is to collect clinical information and complete TCM analysis in order to form individualized treatment strategies. The consultations are carried out in a comfortable setting with the full attention of a practitioner. Like conventional medicine and any other healing systems, acupuncture and Chinese medicine have limitations. For the benefit of the clients and for our professional reputation, we accept only those whose conditions might be improved with our treatments. If the client agrees to receive our care, we will start the first treatment session right after the consultation. See details in FAQ below


Each session takes about one hour. A client will take one to five sessions per week, most likely two per week depending on her or his condition. After a couple of weeks, we usually decrease the treatment frequency and then reduce it further to maintenance schedule. Your health philosophy, financial resources, expense coverage and your available time, all can affect your treatment frequency. You don't have to be sick to benefit from our treatment. In TCM, we emphasize on prevention and ultimate state of health. Some people come simply for their monthly "tune-up" treatment and some come when they just start to sense something off balance.

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Please email Wei Yuan at way@tcmworks.com or Call/Text: 819.639.9907

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a qualified acupuncturist and/or TCM practitioner?
A caring and skilled practitioner must have good reputation. The recommendations from your friends, family and doctors are generally reliable. People come to us mostly through the word of mouth. Read his/her online bio and call the office to check him/her out. Searching for Ontario registered practitioners, please click the College’s website here.
Where can I find TCM herbal remedies?
We carry a variety of bulk herbs and herbal products for our clients. Chinese herbal medicines should be used according to a TCM practitioner’s advice. We are not a retail store. Our supplies are sold at cost and charged only for professional services. If you are not looking for professional advice, but only interested in buying some Chinese herbs, please go to herbal stores in Chinatown on Somerset Street.
Why doesn’t acupuncture work instantly sometimes?
Quite often you feel the improvement even after only one acupuncture session, but sometimes, it does not work as fast. Why? This is because acupuncture basically stimulates your body’s natural healing ability. This ability needs accumulation and reinforcement with repeated acupuncture treatments. The effect from acupuncture lasts longer and longer with more acupuncture sessions and with time. This is also why people come twice or three times per week at the beginning, and then come weekly or bi-weekly. We have many clients come for their monthly maintenance sessions.
Who are benefited from our treatments?
Health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but also the state of harmony and balance in social, psychological, and spiritual perspectives. Good health is enjoying living with vitality. We have many healthy clients coming for regular tune-ups because they like to maintain their ultimate state of health.
About half of our clients, their health state is sub-standard with chronic functional conditions. They feel sluggish and uptight. They cannot go to deep sleep at night and they cannot concentrate during the day. They are not motivated and not interested in intimacy. They catch every cold and flu passing by. Weight gain and chronic pain are common. Since TCM and acupuncture can help to improve energy level, relax the person, promote immunity, increase metabolism and etc. Our treatments play especially important roles in their recovery process.
What is not suitable for acupuncture and TCM treatment?
Acupuncture and TCM treatments alone are not good at managing life threatening emergency situations. Once the acute stage is over and life signs are stable, TCM treatments can help to speed up the recovery process and to heal the person (mind, body and spirit) fundamentally.
When is the right time and frequency for a treatment?
As mentioned above, the effect of acupuncture treatment is accumulative, the earlier you start the treatment, the sooner you benefit from the therapy. It is good idea to have two consecutive sessions apart by one or two days as the body needs time to absorb the therapy. If you have a sudden soft tissue injury, you could wait for a day or two to start acupuncture. if you are a regular client for PMS, it is most beneficial having a session a couple of days before your period. If you want to become pregnant, a couple of sessions around your ovulation can really help.

Entrance to the clinic is on the side of the house . You don’t need to ring the doorbell. Just open the door and come in to the main floor where waiting room is located. The washroom is on lower level. We are sorry, unfortunately, our facility is currently inaccessible by wheelchair.

Our clinic is spacious and clean, and it is decorated with traditional Oriental artwork. Classical Chinese music is always playing. Each client has her (his) own treatment room. TCM charts and books are on display. In this atmosphere, you’ll feel relaxed and peaceful even before the treatment starts. We have TCM herbal products shown in the waiting area and the hallway. We also have a herbal pharmacy for individual herbal ingredients where we dispense personalized herbal formulas.

No pain, Just gain (healing & health). Sleeping like a baby during an acupuncture treatment!

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