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30 Years services in Canada

“The soul is universal, life is precious, health is a self responsibility and lifestyle is a choice.  We all have inherent natural healing power.  TCM and acupuncture can help to restore this mighty power no matter we are young or old, women or men, using allopathic treatments or not.”

At 3H Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, we are committed to holistic healing and health. We care for our clients, not just to treat their current conditions, but also to improve their general health and well-being. Unlike some acupuncturists who did only a short course in one single therapy, we are fully trained in the whole range of traditional Chinese health science. Besides acupuncture, we also use individualized herbal formulae, TCM herbal products, moxibustion, tuina, acupressure, qigong, and offer lifestyle advices such as diet and exercises.

Come for the Best Training and the Most Extensive Experiences. BECAUSE YOUR HEALTH MATTERS!

about Wei

Wei Yuan, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Wei grew up in his grandparents’ house in the historic city Changsha.  His grandfather was a TCM practitioner who owed a herbal pharmacy.  Immersed in traditional culture, Wei developed his ever-growing interest in ancient philosophy, literature and healing practices.  Despite nation-wide “Great Proletariat Cultural Revolution (1966-1976)” outside the window, Wei was fortunately exposed in Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism inside the house. After high school, Wei was sent to the countryside being re-educated by the peasants.

In 1977, China resumed its higher education system a year following the death of Chairman Mao. With the highest marks of the year respectively, Wei entered the professional program in 1978 and the graduate study program in 1983 at the Hunan University of TCM. Among his peers, Wei was the first to gain the opportunity to study  overseas. After receiving his MA degree in 1991, Wei completed his doctorate in 2000 with a generous scholarship from the Associated Medical Services, Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine. Through many years of university education and training, all related to TCM, Wei received degrees of bachelor of medicine, master of medical science, master of arts and doctor of philosophy.

Wei could have pursued an academic career to be a professor, or he could have become a natural health product examiner with the government.  However, Wei found his true strength and passion is directly working with people, helping another human being one at a time.

Dare to say "We are different"

We have extensive academic training and we are all TCM doctors from China. We have researched into the history of medicine and various healing traditions. We have a combined clinical experience of over sixty years. We created the most effective TCM healing system – ITT – Integrated TCM Therapies. This is to say that we use more than one TCM techniques in a single session as necessary to maximize the healing power of TCM. The often used TCM therapies are acupuncture, herbology, tuina, moxibustion, cupping, qigong, advices on diet and exercises as well as electric, magnetic or laser stimulation to acupuncture points. The ITT method is to realize individualized treatment strategy and to awaken the natural healing power within you, the client.

At TCMWORKS, we know your name, understand your concerns and needs. We do everything we can to help you. We cannot guarantee that we can cure you, but we certainly treat you well and make you feel better. When you are under our care, you are the most important person.

Every time I'm feeling so overwhelmingly stressed from life I come here. Every single time I come out feel so mellow and at peace like I can take on the world again. That sounds so exaggerated but I promise it is nothing but the truth. I would recommend coming here over a spa massage any day. You'll definitely come back more relaxed and renewed. Highly recommended!
Sarah Bonheur
You come to TCM not for the glitzy spa life but for their expertise, and boy do they know their stuff. I've been coming here for about 7 years now I think to visit Dr. Wei. I always come here for acupuncture. It doesn't hurt at all for those of you worried about the pin pricks. They always start out by asking if you have any specific problems you'd like to address (stress, skin, weight) then do the acupuncture accordingly. You're then left to relax and sleep with some beautiful light and soothing Chinese instrumental music. Then after a while they will come back in and perform an amazing massage with this cooling oil. Their massages are the greatest.
Annick Armstrong
I completely agree with the two comments above. They're very observant and insightful. At TCM Works, the services are always excellent no wonder people praise about them. I'm also a fan of their's. I absolutely love their electric acupuncture, traditional massage and cupping technique. I used to have lower back pain for years but now it's totally gone because of their magic hands. I still go often for relaxation and de-stress.
Sam Liu
Network Administrator