Key Points Keeping You Healthy in Winter

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Be happy and be relaxed. In our contemporary fast paced society, people are stressed to sicknesses that could cause early death. Lacking of sunshine and in the midst of a pandemic, we are easily feeling depressed. Many of our health problems are either psychological in origin or with a psychological component. The Good thing is that positivity and happiness can be actively learned and developed.
• Getting more sleep to cultivate your upward, out-looking, cheerful energy and emotions. If it is all possible, wait for the sunrise before you get up. A short nap is ideal after lunch, especially for seniors, one to keep their yang energy and the other to recover from fatigue. Winter is in the sign of water and it corresponds to the kidneys. In TCM, kidneys store essence. Sleeping more and rest well, you’ll have abundant energy in the spring!

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• Keeping yourself warm is essential, so please dress warm, and wear a scarf and a tuque. Our physiology needs normal temperature to maintain. When you are cold, your immunity is weaker and you are more likely being attacked by all sorts of micro-organisms.
• Receiving Energy From the Sun. Engage outdoor activities during the day when the sun is out. Avoid staying outside too long in extremely cold and windy weather. Use protection when you are arranging outdoor activities or physical exercises.
Eating more grains and root vegetables which give you more energy and the extra energy will be stored as vital essence. When you eat a whole food plant based (WFPB) nutrition, you will maintain your optimal body shape. What makes you gain fat is too much refined sugar/carbs and animal foods.

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• A lot of fresh veggies plus a smaller amount of fruits are the keys to good winter health because they contain vitamines and antioxidants. As we don’t have much fresh produce in this season, frozen veggies and fruits can be alternatives. We emphasize on vegetables because they are rich in fibre and phyto-nutrients. Tropical fruits have too much sugar for the winter. Apples, pears and oranges are much better choices. Starting today, make frozen berries a part of your breakfast!
• Never cook a meal without some ginger, scallion, and garlic. They boost your appetite and keep your immunity in order. You can even throw in a piece of fresh ginger to your hot drinks such as tea. Cold season need hot, pungent, spicy seasonings. Use cinnamon and peppers often. Dark is the corresponding color to winter. Foods in dark colors (black, purple, blue, etc.) are densely nutritious, but rare in nature, so don’t lose any chance to eat them!