Live Strong With Cancer

breast cancer

Cancer is not a death sentence. One can live with cancer peacefully if not being over treated with conventional means. Still “early detection and early removal” is the best strategy to many female cancers such as breast cancer (men get it too), ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and cervical cancer, etc. Sometimes, surgery cannot solve the problem completely or surgery is not at all the option. Then, chemotherapy and radiation therapy must be used. Surgery, by which surrounding normal tissues are removed together with the cancer cells, in itself is an injury to the body. Chemical and radiation therapies have their terrible side-effects because they kill more than just cancer cells alone.

The key is to maintain a strong immune system, relax the mind and nourish the body. As a supportive therapy, acupuncture & Chinese medicine can play a crucial role in the treatment of cancers. TCM mobilizes the body’s defence system to fight cancer. With TCM, a cancer sufferer could survive much longer and live healthier. TCM repairs the immune mechanism damaged by conventional therapies, so such therapies could be continued if necessary. TCM can resolve the blood stagnancy and improve the micro-circulation, therefore the anti-cancer agents (such as the white blood cells and chemical drugs) could reach the real lesion. TCM enhances the quality of life, because it eases cancer associated symptoms such as pain, fatigue, anxiety, and so on.

Research shows that TCM herbal formulas (we have them in various forms) can actually attack the cancer cells without side-effects. In our practice, we use a combination of therapies available in the TCM armory.

Acupuncture Reduces Vasomotor Symptoms in Breast Cancer Patients.
News Author: Roxanne Nelson
CME Author: Charles P. Vega, MD

CME Released: 01/14/2010; Valid for credit through 01/14/2011 January 14,2010-Acupuncture appears to be as effective as venlafaxine( Effexor), a standard drug therapy for relieving vasomotor symptoms in breast cancer patients. As an added bonus, acupuncture treatment also boosted libido, improved mental clarity, and did not have any adverse effects. Overall, the results of the study, published online December 28, 2009, in the JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ONCOLOGY, showed acupuncture to be a “safe, effective, and durable treatment for vasomotor symptoms secondary to long-term antiestrogen hormone therapy in breast cancer patients.”