TCM Treating the Worst Flu Successfully

Is TCM effective treating Covid-19?

The answer is YES, for sure. In China, among some 80,000 confirmed hospitalized cases, over 70,000 used TCM treatments, which played an very important role to have the crisis under control. Healthy people can use TCM lifestyle/mind-body medicine for prevention. Their symptoms are less severe if they catch the viruses.

Why Not Use TCM For Covid-19 in Canada?
  1. No one can use and declare any herbal formula or treatment being effective in treating Covid-19 without Health Canada’s approval.
  2. TCM is not part of the conventional medical system in Canada. In reality, private TCM clinics are not equipped to offer consultations in a pandemic situation.
  3. TCM in China’s hospitals is used alongside with conventional emergency medicine and ICU techniques. Patients with severe symptoms have access to these services.
  4. TCM is supported by the Government of China and is rooted in Chinese culture and tradition, which is not the case in Canada.
painless acupuncture

TCM Modalities Good for Immunity
Many TCM techniques, such as acupuncture, tuina massage, cupping, moxibustion and guasha can boost our defense ability and detoxify the body. There are also many immune boosting and antiviral herbs in the TCM system. Let us know that you are interested in TCM herbology. We will figure out the best way to help you in the future.


Food is Medicine in TCM
In TCM, food is medicine. Indeed, many TCM herbal ingredients are directly coming from our everyday foods that have properties to boost and support our immune system. Please make sure that you use garlic, onions, chives, shallots limes or lemons in your cooking regularly. It’s import not to over cook them which can reduce their beneficial organic compounds. 


Ginger is a Good Thing
Eat some ginger every day. It has many health benefit. Ginger soothes your stomach and helps prevent cold, flu and allergies. It reduces muscle and joint pain, so it is both anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory. No more ginger? Turmeric has the same properties. 


Herbs, Mushrooms, Onions & Spices
The list of cooking herbs and spices goes on and on: cinnamon, limes and lemons, black peppers, mint, coriander, basil and parsley, as well as many types of mushrooms and onions. On this subject, there is an excellent Food Revolution Summit free ebook>

Should I Take Supplements?

Taking supplements is never as good as eating balanced whole foods. Nature provides us with all the nutrients that we need. However, we do have some thoughts about supplement at this special time.
If you have been taking supplement for a while, this is not a good time to stop them. Please continue taking your multivitamins and omega-3 (fish oil) supplements.
As we stay indoors a lot, some vitamin D is beneficial for our immune system and for our upper respiratory tract.
For those who have a limited diet. It is a good idea to take some vitamin C, Zinc and probiotics which help to reduce inflammation and improve your defense.

herbs and vitamins

You might still have some of the above supplements from us. If you feel a cold is coming, you can take the top left one (Ying Qiao) or the top right (Gao Mao Ling). The bottom right is for stubborn cough. Rubbing two drops of Kwan Loong oil helps relieve sinus/chest congestion and headaches. Honeysuckle Candies soothe a sore throat.