Moxibustion is the best-kept secret of Chinese medicine in North America. The Journal of American Medical Association published an article in November and confirmed that moxibustion can even help pregnant women turning their breech baby to the head down position.
I surveyed a lot of English literature of Chinese medicine. Most of them talk about acupuncture only. In fact, in China, people never isolate acupuncture from moxibustion, because they often used together in clinics. In Chinese, the word “Zhenjiu针灸” means acupuncture and moxibustion. Since moxibustion does not break the skin, for chronic conditions, people are trained to do this technique themselves at home.

There are different ways to apply moxibustion. The technique you are using is the easiest because you control the heat by holding the stick. According to Chinese medicine, moxibustion could improve one’s vitality in general by increasing energy flow, warming up the qi and yang, strengthening organ functioning and helping immune ability disease fighting. It is advised that one should apply moxibustion daily for a total of 15 minutes, 3 – 5 minutes per energy point. Feel the heat, but do not burn your skin. Keeping a distance of half to one inch. If you do not feel any heat, put the moxa closer; if you feel too hot, increase the distance. Always distinguish the moxa stick after use. You might like to do it in the kitchen as you can exhaust the smell with the fan.

The following are among the most important points on the front side of the body to which you can apply moxibustion:
1. Shenjue (the navel, belly button);
2. Qi Hai (the ocean of energy), 1.5 body inch below the navel;
3. Guan Yuan (the centre of life), 3 body inches below the navel;
Note: from the navel to the pubic bone is considered 5 body inches.
4. Zusanli (the famous energy strengthening point, one in each leg), 3 body inches (or the width of your palm) below the lower end of the kneecap and one finger width to the outer side of the shin bone edge.
The above 4 points (actually 5, because you have two zusanli points) are good enough to bring up the organ functioning. Do moxibustion everyday continuously for 10 days and then take a 2 to 3 days break, and then start the cycle again.

For the locations of the points, please refer to the enclosed illustrations.

Besides, the daily use of moxibustion for energy and immune system. Adopting a good lifestyle is important, i.e. feel connected with nature, relax one self, always keep yourself warm, avoid cold and flu, eat nutritious meals as much as you can and keep active to the extent you are able to. Health is a dynamic issue. We always need to do a good maintenance job.

This information is for your reference only. It cannot replace any medical advice. Be careful to the heat and fire. The information provider is not responsible to any bodily injury and property damage.