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The Magic Touch

woman massage

Tuina is TCM manual therapy consisting of acupressure, massage and manipulation. It is sometimes called Chinese massage or anmo, a treatment modality can be integrated to acupuncture sessions. Actually, tuina stands up on its own as a separate independent therapy since ancient times. It is a well known therapeutic system in East Asia. In a Chinese medicine hospital, there is always a department for tuina therapy. In our facility, we offer 45 minute tuina sessions. Tuina is a soft version of acupuncture.  People who are needle phobic choose this technique. Children and babies love it. A wide range of ailments can be helped with this modality, problems in muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in particular. Many people find that tuina has a profound relaxation effect on the whole body. After a good session, stress, tension and anxiety are gone.


The Healing is in

Karen cupping

Cupping involves using suction jars sticking to various body parts. The back, legs and arms are the most common areas. They can be applied to the abdomen and occasionally the face. The jars are made of many different materials. We are using glass ones mostly. The purpose of cupping is to promote energy flow and blood circulation, to detoxify and to release stagnancy. It is very good for rheumatism and muscle pain, but not good if the condition is in acute stage.

It is also traditionally used for stimulating the immune system by cupping the upper back area for common cold and for influenza. Patients with cough, chest congestion, asthma symptoms and allergy find improvement with this treatment.


The heat therapy

Wei moxa

Moxibustion is the technique of stimulating acupuncture points with burning Chinese mugwart. The main purpose is to warm up the system, improve functioning and promote energy flow. It is often used for yang and qi deficiency. Common symptoms and signs in this category are: feeling cold (sometimes with lower body temperature), pale-dull complexion, fatigue, short of breath and low motivation. Patients with this syndrome may have pale or purple fingers and toes.

There two types of moxibustion, direct and indirect. We use the indirect method with a moxa stick. One empirical use of moxibustion is to correct breech presentation in pregnancy. While having the session, we teach prospective parents to apply this technique at home.


The toxins are out

guisha service

Among the introduced modalities here, guasha is the least known in the West, but very popular in China. Many families in East and Southeast Asia use this technique at home when someone feels cold symptoms coming or have a fever or coughing. Professionally, in the past few years, it has been used as an effective means to release toxins from the body and to greatly improve the appearance of the skin tone and texture. The most common place for performing guasha is neck, shoulders and the upper back, for cosmetic purpose, the face and chin. Just as tuina, guasha can be applied to all other parts of the body.

The procedure is carried out by a therapist who holds guasha tools and gently scrapes the body surface. The tools are made of jade, buffalo horns and natural stones. After guasha therapy, the area may appear pink or red. Please keep hydrated and avoid direct contact with cold air. The technique applied on the face is subtle and no marks are shown.

"Humans follows the Earth; The Earth follows the Heaven; The Heaven follows the Dao; The Dao follows Nature."

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